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See How Fitness Can Improve Your Life!

Members of All Fitness Levels

The Paxton Tennis & Fitness Club offers three resistance training rooms, two cardio rooms, floating hardwood floor fitness studio, indoor and outdoor turf areas, and indoor and outdoor pools.

Group fitness classes are included with our Full Club & 3 Month Club membership packages. Our team of highly experienced, certified, talented instructors are motivating and supportive. Throughout the classes they offer modifications of movements creating an individualized experience for each participant, no matter your fitness level. More than just a workout, in our classes you will be part of a community of fitness friends!  Feel free to come in to observe any class and chat with the teachers.

Contact Sarah Howe for more information.



8 - 9am

Daybreak Yoga

Sarah in The Yoga Studio

10 - 11am

Surf's Up

Wendy at The Pool

5:30 - 6:15pm

Zumba Block Party

Stacey in The Yoga Studio


8:15 - 9:15am

Silver Sneakers Splash

Wendy at The Pool

9 - 10am

Training for Life

Gavin in the Turf Room

6 - 7pm

Barre TRX

Tina in The Yoga Studio


9 - 10am

Core Concepts

Sarah in The Yoga Studio

10 - 11am

Surf's Up

Wendy at the Pool


8:15 - 9:15am

Silver Sneakers Splash

Wendy at The Pool

9 - 10am

Total Body Training

Michele in The Upstairs Treadmill Room

6 - 7pm

Boot Camp

Eric/Sarah in the Turf Room


10 - 11am

Water Warriors

Harriet at The Pool


New Class Coming Soon


8 - 9am

Flex Time

Tina in The Turf Room


Need help getting started? Schedule a session with one of our exceptionally experienced trainers for private or semi-private (2 people) instruction. Our certified staff will help you design a workout program tailored to your goals. Contact to arrange your session.

Our personal training rates are as follows (member/nonmember):

  • 1-hour Session Private - $95/$110

  • 1-hour Semi-Private - $130/$160 ($65/pp & $80/pp)

  • Prepaid 6 1-hour Private Sessions - $450/$540

  • Prepaid 6 1-hour Semi-Private Sessions - $660($330/pp)

  • Student (*16 years & under): Prepaid 6 30 minute sessions)$420 - MEMBERS ONLY

We also offer Private/Semi-private Yoga and Pilates instruction and we are the ONLY local facility with personal Swim Stroke Instruction for adults and teens (14+).  We also offer Private Yoga and Pilates Instruction.   Questions, inquiries or to book personal training can be forwarded to

Personal Training

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